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Criminal Law
Assault Family Violence
Burglary of a Habitation
Burglary of a Vehicle
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes - Felony
Drug Crimes - Misdemeanor
DWI / DUI - Child Under 15 Felony
DWI / DUI - Felony
DWI / DUI - Misdemeanor
Failure to Stop and Render Aide
Internet Crimes
Motor Vehicle Crimes / Tickets
Probation Violations
Restraining Orders
Theft Crimes - Felony
Theft Crimes - Misdemeanor
Violation of a Protective Order
Violent Crimes
White Collar Crimes

Why Mr. Arrested?

Each year, thousands of hours of billable attorney time goes unsold while millions of people avoid seeking legal counsel because they believe they can't afford it. At Mr. Arrested, we aim to change that by providing real attorney services in an online marketplace, giving the clients full legal representation at lower prices. is an advertising portal that allows attorneys to offer discounted rates to gain new clients, and clients a choice in what they pay for their needed legal representation.

Until now, the only way someone in need of legal representation could know what a legal package cost was to spend time calling numerous law firms in hopes of receiving an estimate. With the help of Mr. Arrested, a number of legal services can be found and compared with one another in just a matter of seconds. Clients need only to input their location and select the area of law they are seeking representation in and are able to instantly browse legal packages without the stress or confusion of deciding which law firms in their area they may need to contact to get the right price for them.

How It Works

Attorneys anonymously list their available service packages, including the cost, details of deliverables.


Client searches for packages matching their needs and purchases a selection.


After making their purchase, clients are given details about the attorney providing the service, and are encouraged to contact the attorney.


Both the client and the attorney will return to Mr. Arrested and mark the offering as redeemed; this releases the payment to the attorney, and work begins.


After work is complete, clients may rate their experience, giving valuable information to future clients.