Colten's Story

Colten Smith is the founder and CEO of Mr. Arrested. He worked in an accounting firm and received his Certified Public Accounting license before graduating Baylor Law School. During the last 20 years, he has practiced complex commercial litigation and performed full business legal services for countless small to medium sized companies. He’s litigated as a plaintiffs attorney in numerous federal and state courts, obtaining many million dollar plus outcomes.

Over much of the last decade, Colten has worked extensively researching and testing Defined Fee Arrangements™ (“DFAs”) in an effort to assist his clients in being able to afford the quality legal services they need, and assist attorneys in better detailing what is/is not provided for the fee charged to their clients associated with the services. His extensive work in this area was instrumental in the creation of Mr. Arrested and led Colten to become an innovator/mentor/consultant in DFAs.

“Mr. Arrested is a revolution in the advertising and pricing of legal services,
and it is the future for the legal industry”, says Colten.

Further, he explains, “I developed the idea of Mr. Arrested based on the win/win success of the many popular travel/hotel shopping websites. After 20 years of practicing law, I realized legal advertising had not caught up to 21st century technology. Attorneys were spending a lot of money on unsuccessful methods, and clients were spending way too much time searching for attorneys, looking for a good fair price, and feeling intimidated and skeptical of the price being appropriate to the services offered. Mr. Arrested solves these issues for both the attorneys and people in need of legal services. Hiring an attorney at a discounted price is now as quick and easy as finding a discounted 4-star hotel. I see Mr. Arrested as the ultimate win-win for both sides that revolutionizes the legal industry.”